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The Name on the Front
February 18, 2020 07:23 AM PST
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We disagree over policy because, first, we hate each other. Somebody drew a line. There was another team. Whose jerseys are different. Therefore. All the rest. The Reverend Matt Gaventa preaches from I Corinthians 3:1-9, Sunday, February 16, 2020.

Packing and Unpacking
February 11, 2020 07:37 AM PST
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The road is long and time is short. Jesus says, I'll take the scrolls to guide us. But they can't do the work. I need you, too. YOU are the light of the world. The Reverend Matt Gaventa preaches from Matthew 5:13-20, Sunday, February 9, 2020.

Do, Love, Walk
February 04, 2020 04:49 AM PST
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We are in relationship with God for the long haul, protected from greed and easy answers. No matter what you've done before, you can join in repairing the world. The Reverend Krystal Leedy preaches from Micah 6, Sunday, February 2, 2020.

Witness to the Light
January 28, 2020 03:27 PM PST
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Scripture and worship offer profound witness to God's presence; we also know witnesses cloaked in flesh and blood. Let us seek to bear witness to each other. The Reverend Karen Greif preaches from Isaiah 9 1-7, January 26, 2019.

Comfort My People
January 22, 2020 03:56 PM PST
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God’s children, above all, are fragile. Because we are called to allow the sadness of the world to pierce our hearts and take hold of us and
it does not let us go. The Reverend Rykie Marx, Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa (NGK), preaches from Isaiah 40 and 40, Sunday, January 19, 2020.

The Repair Shop
January 14, 2020 07:47 AM PST
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Jesus' baptism is a story of restorations, of old hands put to new use, a story of reclamations, of redemptions, of old life made new in the waters of grace. The Reverend Matt Gaventa preaches from Matthew 3:13-17, Sunday, January 12, 2020.

The Madness of Kings
January 07, 2020 10:39 AM PST
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Real power needs no constant reminding of its power, can kneel in the presence of the divine, can yield itself to the whims of stars. And the star stays fixed. The Reverend Matt Gaventa preaches from Matthew 2:1-12 on Epiphany Sunday, January 5, 2020.

Another Silent Night
January 01, 2020 09:23 AM PST
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The real Christmas miracle is that we are moved to live into Mary's prophetic words by responding to Empire—when we are met with Herod and find a way to feed the people anyway. The Reverend Krystal Leedy preaches from Matthew 2:13-23 the first Sunday of Advent, December 29, 2019.

Something in the Air
December 23, 2019 02:43 PM PST
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Truth is, the Gospel smells terrible, because it happens in the real world. It starts by turning off the incense, so we can smell the real world just as it is. The Reverend Matt Gaventa preaches from Luke 1:5-13, the 4th Sunday of Advent, December 22, 2019

Good News in Bad Taste
December 10, 2019 05:31 AM PST
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John the Baptist has bad taste. He eats bad food. He dresses is bad clothing. He is not fashionable. He is not acceptable. Yet, this is where the Gospel begins. The Reverend Matt Gaventa preaches from Mark 1:1-8 the second Sunday of Advent, December 8, 2019.

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